Alrighty, time to unleash another greasy Sackvegas poll upon the masses – this time a donair one! In the poll below I have listed all places in this area who serve up donairs. Please find your fave donair vendor below (not necessarily your fave pizza joint) and vote.

I will leave the voting open until midnight Sunday. Please share this around and remember it is not a scientific poll – so easy with the hate Emails which I received during my pizza poll! Hahahaa

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Just a goofball from Sack-Vegas!

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  1. B says:

    Ive been following the polls in the past few hours and King of Donair has jumped 120+ votes. There is definetly some cheating involved liked the last poll, very unfair.

  2. KOD #1 says:


    Haters gonna hate. It’s called sharing. Take a look at their FB.

    Pizzadelic #1? I’ve been living in Savkville for 10 years and have never heard of that place. Talk about cheating…

    King of Donair #1

    • B says:

      Just doesn’t make sense how a company who doesn’t update their FB page can jump 200-300 votes in 8 hours? With these pills being flawed, I’d still much rather a KOD donair

    • Robert says:

      Why is it so hard to believe that
      A pizza place with 5 locations may get more
      Votes than a place with 1 or 2 locations?? That’s probably why some
      Are Getting more votes
      Than others…
      If customers are voting how is that Cheating? This is supposed to be fun
      And as far as I know there is no prize…..

      Enjoy the rest of
      Weekends don’t let this poll
      You lose
      Any sleep

      • Nielsen says:

        This is it, my posts get spread way past Sackville so yes, it is quite possible ‘Delic fans downtown or wherever else are voting. Good point.

  3. Corruption says:

    Pizzadelic hasn’t been active on twitter since 2012 yet they are leading the poll but almost 200 points!!?

    Why even bother with a poll if it’s going to be corrupt? What’s the point?

    This is garbage.

  4. Thou shall not... says:

    Use the Lord’s name in vain!!

  5. Kevin says:

    I’ve had KOD years ago in Hfx, didn’t care for it. Had Robert’s in Dartmouth (I know its not on the poll…) didn’t like it. My best donairs (for me remember…) have been from cooks (sacktown of course)….my first ever donair over twenty years ago at a hole in the wall place in Elmsdale (it was perfect!) as well as a place in wellington. I like mine overflowing and to be crispy/a little burnt. I am not gonna run out to the #1 spot to buy one or stop going to my spot if they finish last.
    I was hoping the site would do a best place in sack for a men’s haircut but I am scared to see what the response would be! (one place was like $23…are u kidding me?…….)

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