I am seeing all over social media the Sackville Sports Stadium is closed until further notice. What’s up? I had a tweeter tell me there is a problem with the roof. Does anyone have any info?

Just heard this : @SHSDanceM: @sack_vegas just cam back from hockey practice. Too much weight on roof. Pipe let go, leaking roof! That was at 1 pm

UPDATE, PSA : “Public Service Announcement
Sackville Sports Stadium closed to fix leaking roof, will re-open Monday, Feb. 23
Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015 (Halifax, NS) – Please be advised that the Sackville Sports Stadium will be closed for the remainder of the day to accommodate required work to remove ice from vents on the roof of the building.
The building was closed this afternoon as a precaution after staff noticed significant leaks throughout the facility, which caused concern of possible damage to the roof. A structural assessment was undertaken immediately following the building closure, which determined the cause of the leaks to be significant ice frozen in and over the vents on the roof.
Municipal property maintenance staff will continue to address this issue over the next day or so, and as a result the building will remain closed at this time and re-open for regular hours on Monday morning, Feb. 23.
Please note the arena will remain closed on Monday for continued maintenance as the ice surface requires additional fixes and re-flooding following the leaks in that area of the building.
The municipality apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this temporary closure and thanks residents and facility members for their patience.”

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