I post and share a lot of missing and found dogs with many happy endings but noone does it any better than the folks running this site. I am often busy when I get a message about a dog and simply post it up on my SM sites and they often pick up on it and help out with the proper info sharing. 

 Check out the message below  from them and keep in mind they have a form/report to fill out which really helps things along.  

 I will continue helping out with the lost critters too but be sure to contact these really nice and helpful people as well – they are the pros. 

 Keep up the great work,Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network and everyone for sharing and keeping an eye out. A big thank you from the Sackvillians 🙂 

Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network

ANNOUNCEMENT: Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network would like to thank all our members that continue to care and share. Over 80% of the lost & found dogs posted are Happy Endings!
REMINDER: To report a lost dog please fill out a lost dog report form: http://ns.lostdognetwork.com/report-a-lost-dog/submission-form. If you find a dog use this form and we will adjust to say found. If you see a lost or found dog posted on another page,please direct them to our form, our webpage: http://ns.lostdognetwork.com/ and of course this FB page.Once we have the needed information we can post and assist an owner or finder of a dog. Time can make a difference. Again we thank you all for assisting to bring missing dogs home.”

Link to their Facebook page: 


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  1. Thank you for supporting our efforts – it really is ALL about the care to share! We say a dog is just a click away from home! AND even if a dog that is missing is not in your area you never know if that one online/social media/FB friend has that needed connection to bring a missing dog home.

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