The Kingfisher crew is at it again! 

 Last year they raised over 20,000 bucks for the IWK by cooking up numerous ways to raise funds for a dance marathon. This year they are aiming for 50K and things seem to picking up steam. 

 I see a lot of chatter on my social media sites and it’s pretty cool to see a lot of the students and community members involved – it’s not just a small “rah-rah” crowd involved here. So nice to see! 

 There is an article in the Bedford Sackville Observer this week which you can read here. I see Cyrill Lunney was over there yesterday doing something that resembles dancing. Hahaha! 

 Below are a few pics documenting a small fraction of the FUNdraising that has taken place so far.  I just chipped in $50 this morning and by all means feel free to match me or donate any amount you can – no amount is too small and certainly never too big!  

  You can check out their website here to donate and keep up on all the latest happenings. If you can’t donate, please share this post, that is also a huge help and greatly appreciated.

Bring home the bacon (spare change)


Fundraising at Walmart. (I believe on that crazy traffic day!) 


Flash mob fun!


Making bracelets: 

They shovelled snow: 


Nice job!


Superstore flash mob crew! 


Collecting cash, class to class: 


Hungry Hungy Hippos: 

They made their teachers dance: 


Keep up the great work, guys and gals! You are making us proud! 


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