Looks like Purdy’s is gone. Geez, how long were they open? Just a few months?  I woke up to several messages today about the closure, their Fbook page is gone and I tried to call but It went to voicemail. 

 It sucks to see places close and people lose jobs. Here’s to everyone involved moving on and finding prosperity. 

 I’m curious – how many different businesses have been in that end of that building? 

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  1. Margaret says:

    I believe Purdy’s was only open since January so not long enough to build up a clientele. It must be true that the restaurant business is tough. I think it was Coach’s, then Angles and then Purdys. Also heard that Angles people were behind the Purdys business.

  2. Derek Stapleton, says:

    I,d love to own , run , manage , a pub/bar…….have year,s &year,s Experience, in Catering and some in Bar work,

  3. D Wilson says:

    Purdys is closed on Mondays. I know someone that works there. I’m not sure if it’s closed..but idk.

  4. Kathy says:

    We need a place to have a good meal at a good price. Remember the Corral? You never left hungry, even if it was fries and frozen veg with your steak. Maybe cater to the older generation for a change. Sorry if I offended anyone.

  5. Wing' n It Restaurant says:

    The restaurant business is tough…lot of hours to make sure that you provide great customer service along with great food….and as a restaurant owner I realize how important it is for community support…..and to give back to the community also. It is a business where you meet wonderful people and build great friendships!

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