Some pretty amazing stuff is happening because one guy had an idea and got local business and residents involved – The AndyVent Calendar!
 -Not actual image of Andy.  Well, I don’t *think* it is…

  One of my favourite local Twitter homies is making a difference this year. Andy Bowers AKA “@evilpez4” is normally known for stirring up hilarious food convos and brilliant comments/snark about local newsy things but he is also showing he has a big ‘ol heart. 

 He put it out there on Twitter he is collecting 24 items for The AndyVent Calendar and it quicky took off with many local businesses that follow him immediately chipping in with awesome prizes. The plan is to collect goodies and then have people make a donation to his Gofundme page where every $5 enters your name in a draw for all the items. Every dime raised, minus the cost of the GofundMe page will be donated to Feed Nova Scotia. How cool is that? 

 The local business community (especially the ones on Twitter)  know and trust Andy and this has resulted in a bit of a “problem.”  He has easily gotten enough item donations to fill his calendar so he is having a midway draw for the extra goodies on Dec 12. That winner will also be put back in the mix for the big prize. 

 Be sure to check his  site as he will be revealing what one of the items is each day  leading up to the draw. It’s pretty fun seeing what gets unveiled. 

 It’s unreal what an idea can do. He set out to raise a thousand bucks and at this time, it is well over $2500 and still growing. Big shout out to Andy, the local businesses and of course, the people who are donating. By all means, feel free to donate – it’s not about the amazing prize, of course. Hehe 

 Remember, the main winner gets the whole thing. Midway winner gets the extra  goodies. Below is a list of all the prize donors. Some Sackville ones in there too, I see. The total value of the main prize is $1092 and the midway one is $654.  These businesses  ROCK! 


Acadian Maple

Ardmore Tea Room  

Bad Robot Brewing 

Bodega Boutique

Boneheads BBQ  

Biscuit Cutter

Canning Sauce Co.

Cape & Cowl Comics   

Chef’s Menu

DartGate Pharmacy

Dinner Envy


Green Inspections

Halifax Mooseheads

Hula Nova Hoops

Humble Pie

Kissed By The Sea

Krave Burger

Lost Cod 

Manorhouse Furniture 

Newfoundland Chocolate Company DartGate Pharmacy

Old School Donuts

One Light Theatre

Port City Coffee

Pro Line Sports

Rocky Lake Pizza

Rum Runners

Salt Water Essentials

Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria

Sonic Concerts

Souper Duper Soups


Sugar Shok 

Susie’s Shortbreads and Cupcakes


Truck Side

Ultimate Party & Event Store

Unfiltered Brews

What These Old Things

He started out looking for a grand to help feed the needy, I saw we make it a LOT more than that. Please enter the draw or at least share this around, folks. Thanks! 





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