This is just a funny story I thought I’d share with you all. Last Saturday night, I retweeted a tweet by Tinsel, our talking Christmas tree and (alleged) grouch and owner of Unfiltered Brewing from  North End Hali, Andrew Murphy, made one of the usual comments about the tree that pops up once in a while from people.  Ya know, there are still a lot of naysayers out there, mainly because of the cost of the tree. I figure it’s here, we should make the best of it and raise money and food for the needy – why the Hell not? 

 Anyway, tree account took exception to the salty language and it was kind of amusing. Twitter being Twitter, right? 

 I was reading it all and stirring the pot a bit while having a few beers and decided to challenge Andrew to come to Sackville (gasp) and take a selfie with the tree and I would donate $50 to the food bank. It likely would have been only $20 if I was sober, hahaha!  Of course he accepts the challenge and another local tweeter who did not even know Andrew drove him in! 

 Not being a fan of the tree or reading the schedule, he missed a showtime but still took this pic outside Acadia Hall: 

 Good enough for me! 

Super cool volunteer chauffeur, Laura: 

 Tonight, I held up my end of the deal and took my kids and a friend of theirs down to see a show and chip in the fifty smackers. Councillor Johns was there and we had a good chuckle over the whole thing. He did want to meet Andrew though….

Gotta flash the cash for proof (Super Sackville volunteer Wade Dooley in the back) :
In the jug it goes: 

Some of the food for the needy the tree has raised so far: 

 Thank you so much for being a good sport, Andrew and to Lara for driving him in. Also, great work by all the volunteers running the show! 

 If you are ever in Hali, check out his beer.  I always read good things about those suds and I think he’s actually an old softy but I better not publicly say it!  

 He did not ask for me to mention the brewery, btw. Merry Christmas, folks! 

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