Needs At 73 #Sackville Drive Is Closing For Good. 

Geez, this is kind of surprising. Just a while back they replaced the old Needs/Ben’s Outlet sign for a shiny new Needs only one. 

 Does anyone know how long it’s been there? Was it one of our original Green Gables locations? Many questions! 


-Pic from

 Anyway, best of luck to the person or persons who were operating it. Sucks to see things close up. That strip mall has another big empty spot right now where Marlene’s Sewing Bee relocated up the road. Hopefully someone comes up with a good biz idea….like a pinball arcade. *hint hint*

Sacktown Sub News: Captain Submarine Returns. 

 Well lookee here! The  hot, fresh and friendly staff at Robin’s will now be serving up some toasted sub goodness.  

 We had a Captain Submarine here about 10 years ago, I’m thinking. Down by Scotiabank. They make a pretty good sub! I wonder how they will make out this go-round where Quizno’s and Mr. Sub flopped. 

 You gotta bring your sub “A game” to Sackville with Subway and kaiser’s here. 

Welcome back to the ‘Sack, Captain Submarine!  


NSCC Students Made A #Sackville Themed Listicle. Check It out:  

 Check this out, students at NSCC made the listicle Ten Things Only People From Sackville Will Get and they pretty much nailed it. Hahaha! 

 Can you think of any? I have one: 

-The “Pit” and the “Creck” 

Great job, young Sackvillains!  

-Ed Halverson (pic) 

Halloween Dance At Sackville Legion. Mark The Date! 

 Hey look, a place where we can legally dress up like clowns in Sackville! 

The #Sackville Clown That Terrorized Us Speaks: 

 I just finished talking to the young man who went for a stroll down Sackville Drive  last night.  He was dressed up in “full clown” and proceeded to make make many people chuckle – and a few scream and run. 

 His name is Chris Smith and he was basically just in  a goofy mood and decided to go for it. He said he received mostly honks, waves and smiles but a couple people did get freaked out at the sight of him – we all know some people are terrified of clowns. 

 He said the cops stopped him and told him to take the mask off, he asked why a couple times then took it off and they confiscated it ($65 mask).  They took his name, checked him out through their system and mentioned he had been spotted doing this over two days, which he denies. He told me he only did it the one time – last evening. 

 Anyway, that’s about it. Maybe this infamous clown will be invited to join the Sackville Patriot Days parade next Summer – riding in the back of a cop car, of course! 😂


Clown Stopped On Sackville Drive By Cops.  Hahaha What The? 

Afraid of clowns?

  Ya may want to look away. This just happened down on Sackville Drive and I have no idea wht the Hell is going on. I just know this is the most Sackville random post I have ever made. 

Thanks for the pic Sarah! 

“@SarahDeGrace: @sack_vegas outside a&w hahaha what”


Thanks for the pics @terilynrodgers

“@terilynrodgers: Only in sackville? @sack_vegas”


Kwik Way Convenience by Kaiser’s Has Closed #Sackville

 Hm, this place had been around for quite some time. Kinda surpised to see that it’s closed. This is where I’d grab my Pepsi to wash down my Kaiser’s sub. 

 All the best to the owners and hopefully something interesting pops back up in that spot soon.  

Found Cat. #Sackville Drive

Please share this around, folks! 

 “Hi! I found a cat this morning, could you post the details on your page? It’s male, maybe 6 months old. All black except a tiny white patch on hischest and a big white patch between his hind legs. Very friendly, loves to be held. Found by the Canadian tire gas bar on Sackville drive. I have him at my house for now, call Justine at 817-7598. Thanks so much for your help!”

Missing Cat. Sackville Cross Roads Area. Please Share! 


If you find this cat please call 902 210 4779. Thanks guys and gals!  Male, 1 1/2 years old. 

Bagtown Pizza News: Rounders Pizza And Burgers Is Setting Up! 

Hmmm… This sign has suddenly appeared where Papa Mario’s was set up. 

Rounders? I don’t really have any info yet – I wonder if this is part of a chain or an indy setup?  There are some places with the same name in the US. 

 Guess we will have to wait and see!